let’s get lost …


I spent the last days with decorating my SL-home … from country-style to mid-town … urban … something like this and now .. I’m back to country … I felt a little lost in my urban-style home so I came back to more cozy and calm … besides that … I run a little yard sale (mostly gatcha-items) at my land and you are welcome to visit and grab some stuff you might like :o)

***teleport to yard sale***

***click pic for bigger size***

things I used:

house by Scarlet Creative
daybed by Scarlet Creative
shelves by Scarlet Creative
coffee table by Scarlet Creative
branch by Scarlet Creative
Platter at daybed by Plethora
papers and letters on the ground by Zigana
typewriter by KOPI
fish cushion by Sway’s
boots by Tartessos Arts
lucky-sign by Tartessos Arts
shelf leftside by Frogstar
wall art by Sway’s
books by Apple Fall
fileboxes by Second Spaces
plant by Bazar
winter is coming blocks by floorplan
vintage bird by 8f8
geekbook by vespertine
book stack by PILOT
candles by PILOT
rose vase by Atelier Visconti
dropped dress by Dutchie
magazines by dutchie
rug by .lame
dominoes stack by Scarlet Creative
beauty spot by Fabuleux <3
clothing rack by ARIA
storage basket by PILOT
screen by junk

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