About Sawa

Something about me …

I am a fashion-victim, always broke, love cool clothes and shoes to get up incredibly high!

In SL you can find me mostly on my own small land or in the skybox, where I do most of the pics for my blog. I am in SL to fling myself creatively, I have no pleasure in cliques, drama and intrigue. I’m mostly for me, that does not mean I’m rude or not a mass compatible, just that I do this I have a small select group, with which I am regularly in contact. Write me an IM … I really do not bite!

About my RL-alias *lol*: I come from Germany, from the north to be more precise, I love the ships, the sea and the port *g* Nordic by Nature!

I love to hear music, I have no particular direction, but boy-bands go (almost) not at all. House, EBM, Electro, but also charts are welcome guests in Winamp.

Well … I think that is enough, or not ? :)