About Sawa

Times change, some things changed my whole life, my love to my husband in a very positiv way <3 and my way to look at things like my precious time with my loved ones – and even SL. When I’ve started blogging on the 02.01.2010 about SL, the wonderful landscapes and of course about Fashion, it was my personal decision to find a way to let my creativity out!

I have done this, for months and for years, then, however, sometime the „I want“ became a „must“, a „have to“, namely when the Review-Copies really got out of control and I just wanted to do justice to everybody and every item I got.

In the end of 2014, the beginning of 2015 I have withdrawn more and more from SL, the pressure from the designers –  and the pressure I handle myself on to blog every item I got – and the countless events you had to be – or have to be??? upto,  I got really messy and it wasn’t any fun for me anymore. Bit by bit my interest dwindled  to log in SL, only from time to time I risked sometimes a look and had to find out that either my old friends have also gone from SL or are still the same for over 9 years. No advancement, nothing.

Now this may sound overweening, but standstill is a backward step.

I would like to discover SL again for for which it stood for me the last years: Exploring, trying out, being creative.

I am no one which is involved in the HighSociety ranks which needs to feel these cliques around itself well – however, apparently it is exactly that what has become so succinct in SL.

Who finds me now arrogant or desperate, sorry, I’m not. I have just grown older and have arranged my priorities as it is – in the real world and this one, my 2nd life – is just for fun :o)