Gatcha Yard Sale .. ehm .. my own :o)

So … when I redecorated my land I’ve found many beautiful things I didn’t realize i bought, I collected … I still have *ups*.

I confess myself in public as a Gatcha Addict – it’s unfortunately like that and I could do nothing to avoid the next gatcha-round *sighs*.

Therefore, I decided to separate myself from some things I’ve packed in boxes and maybe someone has already thought long and hard just to buy, but it was too expensive? Or didn’t get a rare thing or or or …^^

Anyway, grab yourself the taxi … I haven’t set up everything yet, so don’t hesitate to write me an IM if you seek something special, maybe I have it in my inventory :o)

***Gatcha Yard Sale … not everything finished yet bla – go here :D***



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