Sale @ Hermony for a serious reason !

Taken from the NC of Hermony’s:

Hey folks,

Today I decided to have a sale not just for the heck of it or to celebrate anything in particular, but for something much more serious.
Last week I was rough housing with my dog Sissi ( Chihuahua-Pinscher 10years young ) when I noticed abnormal swelling on her back leg, obviously concerned with this I decided to take her to the vet for further explanation on the swelling only to be told first it was inflammation but further investigation and tissue samples taken revealed she had stage 2 mastocytosis .
To put it simple she had developed tumors in her leg that require immediate attention that has left me to make two decisions.
One being a form of therapy with a medicine called Masivet that reduces the spread possibly fully removing the cancer, but over time is far more costly.
And two the removal of the infected leg.. Until further notice I have yet to decide on a final decision for her fate but for now I decided to have a sale to raise money for her all items in my store have been marked down as well as a new camo tank release that are marked down as well.
Any purchases or Donations will help!!!
Thank you so much! <3

**teleport to Hermony**

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