52 weeks of colour challenge – week #23 „Asparagus“

THAT was really hard !

I have half of my real life holidays, I really enjoy the time with my hubby and the first week of relaxing … so I was very lazy in blogging.

But with „Asparagus“ I’ve tortured me really :D

I hope next week … oh no, TOMORROW – I am going to propose something better with „Eggplant“.

for more informations … Luna Jubilee’s blog !

Hair: “Suzie hair green with hairgrips“ R&K
Skin: “Lucy green gloss hairbase pale“ Lara Hurley

*Dress: “Misty Dress Green“ Ayla’s **NEW**

*Necklace & Earrings: “Ale“ Milli Store
Bracelet: “Sorella Cuff Platinum Vivid – Emerald“ MOOD

“/me hula hoops“ Slash Me Poses

*promotional copies

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