52 weeks of colour challenge – week #10“sienna”

This week’s color challenge is „sienna“ … I’ve done it harder than I thought. Nevertheless, I think I have put together something reasonable, and I personally like the look very well.

Next week there will be „indigo“, I agree with the nerd and proclaim … I have already done the outfit *hehe* … everything else … next week!

for more informations … Luna Jubilee’s blog !

Hair: “Tue Hair Brown“ Miel **old group gift**
Skin: “Sophie~Kiwi Fruit Cleavage~Brown Brows“ Mynerva

Jacket: „Wool Jacket Brown“ Miamai
Shirt: “Nomi Jean Dress Mud“ WoE
Jeans: “Ripped78’s brown“ League
Shoes: “Post Bootie Autumn Trio“ [Gos]

Jewelry: “medaille series female bronze“ Gabriel
Gloves: „Nif Nif Gloves orangebrown“ LeeZu
Belt: „leather chain belt all colours set“ [BUKKA]

“Knee High Fashion 8″ !Bang

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