Hunt @ LeeZu !

I usually do not like hunts, I’m not persistent, I’m impatient and usually blind.
But this little hunt by LeeZu is really great, it was a lot of fun and is not too difficult, so even for people with little patience like me *lol*

***teleport to LeeZu***

**official note**

LeeZu hates to lose at poker so she decided to hide some cards around the store. I have to find them and need your help. Here’s how you can help:

Go to the main store and head to the lobby. If you are not already in the LeeZu! group, just go to the left of the entrance and you will see a group joiner. YOU MUST WEAR A LEEZU GROUP TAG IN ORDER TO PLAY IN THIS CONTEST. Wear your tag and start hunting.

You just have to touch it to get the card. Make sure you create a folder called ‚LeeZu Cards – your name‘ to hold all your cards. LeeZu has hidden one card in each section of the store. As you find each one, touch the prim and save the card in your folder.

Go to each section of the store to find your cards. The sections are: Lobby, Dresses, Tops, Pants, Skirts, Sales, Noir, Beauty, Jewelry&Shoes, Exclusives, Boys, and BDSM

That means you need to find 12 cards. When you have all twelve cards collected in your folder, add a notecard with your name and your prize selection and send the entire folder to Barbara Nicholls. It’s that easy!

EVERY CORRECT ENTRY RECEIVES A PRIZE. Your folder must contain all twelve cards (plus a notecard and your prize choice). If you find them all, you automatically qualify for your choice of one item and one color … for more informations pick up the notecard in the mainstore ! :)

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