Rebel Hope Designs: new release „Santa Cutie“ !

The name says it all … Santa Cutie :)

The outfit comes with sculpt Santa hat, Penguin Necklace, Penguin Earrings, Bangle Candy Bracelet, Fur accents (chest/arms/skirt), Santa Cutie Belt, Panties/Garter, Candy Stockings, bodice (all layers) and shorts (all layers). All prim-attachments come with a resize-menu.

Jewelry is made by RH Engel (Jewelry) !

The boots are sold separately and wearable with inv. prim and as 2.0 version !

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Skin: “Elena – 06 [Peach] Glow skin (hairbase)“ LAQ
Hair: “*barberyumyum*24/black“ **DP**YUMYUM

“Playful“ ES

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