Wishbox: new release „CRUSH“

Wishbox "Crush" #1

 Wisp Jinn released a new outfit this week !
„Crush“ is a cute and sexy dress and lingerie set –
every set comes with matching heels !

Wishbox "Crush" #2

This dress looks so cute and all men will marvel
the hot lingerie, which is hiding under the velvet skirt.

Wishbox "Crush" #3

Wishbox "Crush" #4

Sheer silk petals adorning your cleavage and
silk and ribbon details decorate the dress so sensuously.

Take your „Crush“ here, it’s so upset !

Wishbox "Crush" #5


Hair: „Tiffany’s Black“ !VA!
Eyes: „Vampire Ghost Blue“ Redgrave
Skin: „Daylight Skin Trinity mystical“ Redgrave

Complete: „Crush in Periwinkle“ Wishbox

Gloves: „Semi Opaque Black“ Sheer
Earrings: „Iroha Earring White“ Mandala **Rocking Friday Item**
Hair piece: „Hair Corsage – Flutter-By Sky“ AtomicBambi

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