Cynful: new releases !

Cynful Outfits #2

I packed my bag to make a trip around SL … and … holy shit …
my car broke down … so … during the waiting time for
the wrecking service, I tried on my NEW stuff from CYNFUL !

They released a lot of new pants, skirts, shirts and bikinis !

So take a look at the pictures – all clothes are
new released items –> taxi to CYNFUL ;o)

Cynful Outfits #1

Cynful Outfits #3

Pic #1: „Fluffyness skirt“ in Cherry Bomb, „Kini“ in Cherry Bomb, „Chrizzpy Highwaist Long“ in Bluemed, „Stripilicious“ in Salmon, „BasicFlaties“ in Olive

Pic #2: „Chrizzpy Highwaist Short“ in Bluelight, „Stripilicious“ in Purple, „BasicFlaties“ in Lilac, „Beertilicious“ in Spring Green and Khaki, „ChrizzpySkirt Highwaist “ in Brownmed

Pic #3: „Kini“ in Cherry Bomb and Blue/ White Dots


Hair: „Carli night“ Truth
Skin: „Lucy blue gloss pale“ Lara-Skin

Bangles: „Beaded Bangles Earthy“ EarthStones
Bandana: „arm bandana brown plaid“ DeeTaleZ
Earrings & Necklace: „Simplicity Caramel“ Mariposa
Face-Piercing: „Adrenaline“ The London Look

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