Tik Tok: new skin „Stella 2“ at „Summer of Love“ Fair !

„Stella 2“ was made for the „Summer of Love“ Fair and till the end
this skin-line is only available at the fair !

The skin comes in different make-ups and 4 skintones with cleavage option.

„Stella“ (first edition) is still available in the mainstore of TIK TOK !

Get your „Stella 2“ at the „Summer of Love“ Fair and don’t forget
to check out the mainstore of TIK TOK !

Hair: “Lust hair blackout“ Nikita Fride

Lingerie: “Tiffany Diamonds – 2009 Ed – Diamond Lingerie” Hollow Angel Designs
Shoes: “Stiletto patent black, black bow & diamonds“ DeeTaleZ

Earrings & Necklace: “Harlequin Choker/Earrings Set – Platinum” RH Engel Jewelry
Bracelets: „Young Hollywood, Hyper-Gems Bracelet 4.0“ JCNY

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