Hyper Culture: new „Bloomer Pants“ and „Summer Tunics“

Hyper Culture released a lot of stuff in the last days,
the „Bloomer Pants“ and the „Summer Tunics“
are two from three parts of the new summer-collection !

The „Bloomer Pants“ are an absolutly must-have for the
hot days at the moment – the „Summer Tunics“ match
this style perfectly – stylish, breezy and sexy ;o)

The „Bloomer Pants“ comes in 12 colours,
the „Summer Tunic“ comes in 8 lovely summer patterns.

I will show you each in for 4 colours …
check out the other colours at the mainstore from

Hair: “Tasha Hair“ LAQ
Skin: “Lucy bronzed gloss hairbase pale“ Lara-Skin

Pants: “Bloomer Pants” Hyper Culture
Tunic: “Summer Tunic” Hyper Culture
Shoes: “Tropica Flip Flops Tiki Chai Mocha” +ADDiCTIA+

Necklace: “Myrina Necklace red/brown Silver” Sigma ***Summer of Love Fair item***
Earrings: „Folk Green Drop Earring“ Glow Studio
Bracelets: “Takara Bangle Blue stone“ Mandala

“Stairs Set” Reel

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