Addicted to ADDiCTIA !


Hi Folkz !

These Boots are sooo amazing !

The Adnata Boots come with 6 different boxes of shoes:

3 sizes (small, medium and large) and TWO versions:

– Regular : uses standard invisiprims
– SL2+ : uses Alpha layer featuer in SL 2.0 Viewer (SL 2.0 Viewer required)

You can show and hide the cuffs via menu – for fitting ADDiCTIA append a posestand when you rez the boxes – very easy fitting ;o) (this posestand has 9 poses btw) … also you get hand cuffs in the same style IN the boots-boxes, they match incredible and the details from cuffs to textures are so accurate !

I’m absolutly convinced of these boots, the Designer Oct Oakleaf did an awesome job !

addictia boots goth

addictia boots red

addictia boots graphite

addictia sole + cuffs

Boots: „Adnata Boots Crimson V1.0“ + ADDiCTIA +
Boots: „Adnata Boots Goth V1.0“ + ADDiCTIA +
Boots: „Adnata Boots Graphite V1.0“ + ADDiCTIA +

Skin: „Selena smokey3-red lips pale“ Lara-Skin
Hair: „Hair Nathalie Charcoal“ BAX
Dress: „Swan Dance Dresses in Black“ Nicky Ree
Earrings: „Equinoxe“ LOULOU&CO.

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