Style-Mix by Sawa #48

Bali-Gown by Fellini Couture 1

Did you ever dream of an exclusive wedding at a wonderful island ?
Like „Fantasy Island“ or suchlike ?

Me … YES !!!

A beautiful gown, beach, palms, sea and sunset … what a romantically vision…
Thank goodness – in SL you CAN without going bust *g*

Fellini Couture created this wonderfully gown which is over and over an absolutly tropical highlight for a romantically evening or even a wedding.

The birds around the skirts (5 flexi skirts and 1 sculpted) and the grapes are so cute, I’m a Fan of Fellini Couture – really !
joy Fellini did an awesome job at this !

Bali-Gown by Fellini Couture 2

Bali-Gown by Fellini Couture 3

Gown: „Bali Gown“ Fellini Couture

Skin: „Heather Party Girl“ Lara-Skin *Gift, no more available*
Hair: „Tanja Black“ EdelStore
Earrings: „Silent Bamboo Earring Metallic Blue“ CreamShop

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