one last drink and the bottle breaks …


I’m wearing the mesh head from “The Shops”, lovely jewelry from Maxi Gossamer, boots by Maitreya and the newest release from Cynful the “Society Dress”, available at the District 5.

***click pic for bigger size***

things I used:

bar by [ kunst ] <3
stool by [ kunst ] <3
crates by [ kunst ] <3
bottles by [ kunst ] <3
mugs by [ kunst ] <3
barrel by [ kunst ] <3
love sign by SEVEN
lime soda glasses by poche *groupgift*
ashtray by junk.
gas pump shelve by junk.
potato chips by TA
this and that wall by Zigana
desk by HIDEKI
basket by HIDEKI
stool by HIDEKI
glasses and newspaper by aisling
bean bag by we’re closed
drunk girl by RA YA Design
pulley light by junk.

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