Headshot #29


At this point I would like to say something … Since English is not my native language, I am abstaining usually with long texts, tutorials and other things of this kind … so this here is a great exception for me, spelling and grammar errors my be retained :P

Sasy Scarborough has published a post today (you can read the full article here), which appeals a lot to me.

In the post it comes to Blogger, Blogga! and Bloggrrr and … I feel like a half Blogga! … for a blogger I’m too little interactive with all the other bloggers, readers, designers and and and … but I am definitely not a Bloggrrr …

In the past there were several discussions about „hits and visits on fashion-blogs“ and me, who’s running the domain sawagothly.de since 4 years , know that I don’t have large number of visitors on my blog, but … I’ve visitors … for me it’s a lot and yes, it makes me proud , proud that many are reading my blog, like my photos and maybe take the one or the other shopping hint … and I would like to thank all my readers , friends , bloggers and designers for the support you’re giving to me.

I am very happy that I found a little place in the blogosphaere of SL and I am still amazed about the great stuff that is going on outthere, even though I’m more silent. You are all an asset and an inspiration to me.


skin “Sylvia” by Glam Affair@Collabor88
hair “Noel Hair“ by ~Tableau Vivant~
jacket “SlimDenim Jacket Midnight“ by COCO
scarf „Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Brown Ombre“ by Tee*fy
pose by Everglow

**pic taken @ Neva River**

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  1. I think you are a wonderful and thank you for liking my post. I truly believe that however you express yourself through your blog is important, but english should never ever be the barrier. I wrote a post about that too in the past. If you have your own language, post in that, we have translate options, and others from your own country would have someone in an active place that can relate to them, be their Blogger too.


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