Fantasy Fair 2013 will open tomorrow !

Fantasy Faire is just around the corner and I – and many more fabulous bloggers – get an early access to the sims and I was … overwhelmed :o)

The fair runs from Saturday April 20th to Sunday April 28th !

The Fantasy Faire is the SL’s largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts & performers.  A week of shopping, special events, music & fundraising over 10 sims for Relay for Life and the fight against cancer.
I decided to post some of the pics I’ve taken today at the sims and put the rest on my flickr, so I hope I won’t flood any feed here *lol*
There are many official posters for the Fair, and they’re all absolutly amazing .. you can take a look at them here >>>Elizabeth Tinsley’s flickr<<<

Making of or – The Drax Files: World Makers [ Episode 4: Fantasy Faire/RFL]


Fairelands Junction – Sponsored by Oceania Breedables

Magnificat – Sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc.

Evie’s Closet, Lilith’s Den, Living the FantaSea, MacMoragh Muse, House of Rfyre, Wasabi Pills

Frippery, Ankle Biter, Yabusaka, Musa, Skinthesis, Sax Shepherd Designs, Decadent Courtesan, Heartistic, Gwen’s Hearth, forest feast

Crimson Fields – Sponsored by TRIDENT

lassitude & ennui, [ContraptioN], Satyrs Moon, FallnAngel Creations, meadowWorks, Unzipped,

The Muses, Vengeful Threads, Psst…Here Kitty, Kitty , Kishi Creations, ImpWerks, – NaLa – Fashion  Buildings, MysticHope Design, TempT, The Elegant Goth, Lerochelle Destiny

Evensong Woods – Sponsored by Roawenwood

Boudoir, ~*Star Kindler Designs*~, Illusions, The Plastik , Mindgardens Creations, ThatChick

Swings Paradise Furnitures, Unique Obsession, Sinful Needs, BlueMoon Enterprise, {Lemon Tea}, An Lema, EagleHeart Designs, ~Sa-eela~, ~ Mystic Sky ~, .:EMO-tions:.

Titans Hollow – Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron

FATEwear, Dragon Magick Wares, L’Uomo, Spyralle, Mermaid Treasure & Boutique, FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK    Luna Barak

Dreamscaped Designs, Sterling Artistry, [][]Trap[][], [Gauze], [ni.Ju], Arx Loricatus, AZE Jewelry Designs, Bliensen + MaiTai, Southpaw, yo bailo

The DragonSpire – Sponsored by The Arcanum

Dark Goddess Designs, Curious Kitties, Favourite Genes, Black Veil Outfitters, The Golden Thorn, ~Refined Wild~

Niekra’s Dreams, Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, Wilds of Organica, Elvenbreath, Sparkle Skye Designs, Dysfunctional Designs, *.:!Completely oBVious!:.*, Talevin’s Designs, Whatz, Analog Dog Hair

Lumenaria – Sponsored by Solarium

Dwarfins, G.O.D., Kittycat’s Creations, ND/MD Skins & Shapes, Mythos, Pyeicket’s Myths

Old World, Oran, *~ Dream Things ~*, Panda Express, Luas, Quixote’s Dream, ~The Library~, ::{Elysium}::, 22769, Bare Rose, Meeroos

Lotus Valley Dream – Sponsored by The Looking Glass

Hoof It!, ezura Xue, Quest for the Golden Prim, FALCONROSE, Raven’s Heart, Demons & Angels

SAKIDE, Caverna Obscura, Kouse’s Sanctum, Affinity Boutique, Ari’s Neko Retreat, NAMINOKE, 2Xtreme, Star Journey, Flecha Creations, TRU Textures

Ravenshard – Sponsored by Epic Toy Factory

F*cking Ninjas, Epic, United InshCon, FuubutsuDou!, Bentham Manor, Fae Fantasy Creations, Simply Fae

Lupoaica, Almost Wonderland, Grim Bros., Madpea Productions, .:CoLLisions:., ~SWAN~, Feyline Fashions, [europa], Stuff Xavian Made

Valley of IshNar – Sponsored by The Key of Hope Hunt

Official Website
Official Fantasy Faire Pinterest
American Cancer Society

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