[PXL]’s „Sophia“

Finally she’s here, the full release of „Sophia“.

Hart Larsson introduced „Sophia“ at last years „Around the World“ event and now he released the full skin-line of „Sophia“ in 8 skintones (Dark, Ebony, Olive, Tan, Sun Kissed, Light Tan, Natural and Pale.

„Sophia“ comes with a huge pack of possibilities to mix’n match your perfect skin:

– 15 lip colors
– a full body freckle tattoo, a breast de-hancer (tattoo and shirt layer), a breast enhancer  (tattoo and shirt layer)
– a red brow tattoo, a blonde brow tattoo, a no brow tattoo
– a glove layer for prim nails

Also available: 15 eye make-ups, catch one by one or the fatpack, to create your own look with „Sophia“.

I’m wearing the sunkissed-tone with the cat eyes, wine lips, lip gloss and full body freckles <3

Go and create your own „Sophia“
***teleport to [PXL]***

*other credits
hair by D!va@Collabor88
blouse by -tb-@Collabor88
necklace by {Cherry}@Zodiac

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