The Witch Hunt – info’s & surls :o)

The Witch Hunt 2011!

The hunt runs from now through September 30th – you have to search for this:

The following merchants have hidden witch hats in their stores, and you can buy the contents of those hats for L$10 each!
Want a sneak peek of what you will be getting?   Check out or

The participating stores and Surls:

Morphe Inc. – Abel Dreamscape

Zoe’s Garden – Adele Rhiadra

aDORKable Poses – Adorkable Peapod

ADD Andel – Andel Rhiadra

eklectik furniture – Angie Mornington

Hoot – Averie Larnia

Ayla’s – Ayla Verity

Dreamscapes Art Gallery – Carlotta Ceawlin

Entropy – Chaotic Monday

Awesome Blossom – Clementine Ishtari

Cracked Mirror – Cracked Mirror

Prickle – Darkley Aeon

Park Place Home – DeAnn Dufaux

Dragon Magick Wares – Dragonia Decuir

elymode – Elysium Eilde

Status – Gidge Uriza, Elusyve Jewell

HomeKraft – GM Nikolaidis

L’aize Dayz – Heavenly Villa

Cheeky Pea – Isla Gealach

Crackberry – Jemima Clowes

MOOD – Jori Watler

Clutter – Kat Alderson

Glitterati – Katey Coppola

Petticoat Lane – Katey Coppola

Marmalade Jam – Katy Glendevon

Mystic Canvass – Lara Darkbyrd

LeBloom – Lawra Fredrickson

Stellar – Lexi Morgan

doremi, love hani & lilu – Lilu Cheng, Hani Cheng

Virtual Insanity – Loviathar Hellman

Embody Shapes and Poses – Lucie Bluebird

Tranquility Way Station Designs – Lyta McKeenan

DarkMouse – Mouse Mimistrobell

Ivalde – Neferia Abel

Sweet Antidote – Noena Merlin

Nyte’N’Day – Nyte Caligari

Fuzzy Bee – Quinby Hancroft

Tree and Ocean SL – Quinlan Quimby

Hatpins – Reghan Straaf

Stakey – Raymond Ohmai

Galland Homes – Robert Galland

Khargo – Selkie Flatley

Adam n Eve – Sachi Vixen

Little Boxes – Sesi Ackland

Wretched Dollies – Star Fairymeadow

SySy’s – SySy Chapman

!bang – Trieste Minuet

Fucifino – TrinityBelle Meriman

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