Collabor88 – teaser #1

Collabor88 is „another“ discount shop on the grid. Well, I really love those shops!

Collabor88: everything revolves around the number „8“. Most things cost L$ 88, every 8th one month the collection will change.

With Truth, [elikatira] and .ILLUSORY. (mention for examples), drinkinstein sorbet (head of the label Sea Hole) has some really great labels around !

Visit Collabor88 now and learn to love the number 8 !

***teleport to Collabor88***

skin from Illusory (each skintone L$ 88)
hair from [elikatira] (each hairpack L$ 88)
dress from Grixdale (goodbye-bigpack, comes with dresses and makeups ! – L$ 88)

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