U&R Dogs: Customer Thank You Gifts & hunt !

U&R Dogs renewed the system of their Customer Thank You Gifts:

They offer the exclusive color variation of their popular
products and exclusive design for this gift as prizes.

For each buy you’ll get points – make sure you hit the subscribo before, it counts your points !

aaaand … U&R Dogs has a hunt – NOW ! It’s a point hunt, you have to find 6 hearts – each heart means 1 point !

The hints:

1. Bartok & Bernstein
2. Cake & Coffee
3. Heart Necklace & Wall
4. Glass & Ship
5. River & Rock
6. Surface & Past Memory

The Wedding bouquet Bracelet Gold (pic #1) is available for 4 Points, pic #2 and #3 are also „Thank You Gifts“ !

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