Belleza @ skin fair 2011 !

My first post under the new domain is dedicated to the latest face of Belleza „Mellisa“.

Melissa is currently only available at the fair !
The skin tones are sunkissed and tan, and both are only available at the fair, after the event the other skintones will be available at the mainstore from Belleza.

Each skintone has 19 makeups – a hair-base and a cleavage-option are included in the package.

Furthermore,each package includes 7 lipsticks to create your very personal style.

<<teleport to skinfair 2011>>

**click pics for larger view**

4 Gedanken zu “Belleza @ skin fair 2011 !

  1. H Jeanette, thank you for your congrats *yay*

    I added the widget for subscribe to the blog – so, happy reading :D

    *huggies* :)


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