52 weeks of colour challenge – week #14 “black”

And I thought this is easy … Black, great color, a friendly black – I love black!

Until I looked in my inventory … nearly 10 k of black things … this is my hardest challenge personally. Which of the black beautiful, great, wonderful and amazing outfits I want to present?

I started with evening clothes, „fuck“ I thought, I had this style in the last week – a casual outfit … at no. 9, I gave up, I could not decide.

I wanted to wear a dress, I’m currently in the mood. Ultimately, I chose one of my favorite dresses from LeeZu. I love this damned dress.

For me, black has always a mystical touch, and this dress is the epitome of that.

… Next week we have red and, amazingly, I already have an idea …

for more informations … Luna Jubilee’s blog !

Hair: “Lulu short hair black“ MrS
Lipstick: „Lipstick v.11“ Garage
Skin: “Aimee smokey1-nude lips hairbase/Pale“ Lara Hurley

Dress: “NOiR Moonlight” LeeZu
Tights: „Leggings Floral 1“ MonS **NEW**
Jacket: „Leather Shrug Black“ {SMS}
Shoes: „Platform Pumps black“ [Gos]

Earrings: “Black Pearl Earrings“ +plus

“Lightbox“ Glitterati

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