Chic Boutique feat. .::Divine::.

Chic Boutique opened the doors at 23th December.
‚Chic Boutique‘ is the NEW discounted shop displaying the newest styles and designs from some of the best creators, fill your entire wardrobe all for ’40-90 L$‘ per item.The collection will change each 2 weeks.

.::Divine::. released for the first collection those cute makeups as tattoo-layer „Chic Makeup“.

To check out the first collection —-> go here:

<<<Visit Chic Boutique inworld>>>

<<<teleport to .::Divine::. mainstore>>>

I’m wearing the new skin from ~Natural Beauty~ (former Tik Tok) „Olga“ in fair-base.

The cardigan is from „Clematis“ and it’s a freebie ! :)

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