::je suis:: latest releases !

Ok, I’m a bit late, sorry for that :)

::je suis:: released  adorable stuff this week:

first are the „une princesse créoles“, they enhanced the „une princesse collection“ – only available at ::je suis:: @ Rodeo Drive !

Julia released also the awesome „aviateur sunglasses“, they can be wear nose or mouth-attached. Position, resize and colour are changeable  and they have 6 metals, 9 gems and 9 lens options. **Only available here @ LE.LOOK**

The „magnifique bangles“ comes in eight color packages, each has four color shades to choose from.

Last but not least, „comme une rose“. A beautiful arrangement of roses adore your arm and an awesome hightlight is the rose in your mouth, they are 18 colours to choose from.

<<<teleport to ::je suis:: mainstore>>>

Don’t forget the Gatcha-Machine at ::je suis::


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