Addictia: „Tropica Flip Flops“ … NEW „TIKI-Edition“ !

Addictia Tiki #1
Heya Flip-Flop-Addicts !

There are a new edition of the „Tropica Flip Flops“ from Addictia.

With these natural colour theme they match every outfit sooo perfectly !

So check out those new colours @

For further informations about those Flip Flops **click here**

Addictia Tiki #2

Addictia Tiki #3

Hair: „The Morning after – Girl Next Door“ Clawtooth
Skin: „Sundust Frex Dark – Sunny Umbra 1“ Curio

Top: „7 Days in Sunny June – white dot“ *eha~
Jeans: „Boyfriend Washed“ Aoharu

Bangles: „Pearl Rain bangle silver“ Mandala
Sunglasses: „Cat-Eye“ Gos
Bag: „Clear Tote Bag – black“ Coco *groupgift*

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