Azul: new release „Evelise“ !

Azul released these beautiful gown in the last days and I’m soooo in love with it.

The gown has a very cute swinging skirt, seems like a little breath moves the skirt all the time.

Azul has a long time coming to release a new gown, because of a very busy rl,
so I’m even more excited, to blog this gown, I waited for a long time !

<<<Taxi to Azul mainstore>>>

Skin: “Tasha2 – 08 [Peach] Glow skin (hairbase)“ LAQ
Hair: “Maya night” Truth

Dress: “Evelise sand“ Azul
Boots: “Vo Pumps noir“ Kookie

Necklace: „Anniversary Gift Diamond Necklace Platinum“ RH Engel Jewelry

„Balletic Stand“ Del May

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