2Real: new release !

2REAL released new sneakers this week *yay* !

I love the sneakers from 2REAL – they’re unisex, resizeable and
include a HUD to costumize colors  and laces styles, to fit your own style !

<<<Taxi to 2REAL-store>>>

Skin: “~Butterscotch~Misti-PlumKiss Black Brows Cleavage“ Mynerva
Hair: “OMNIA 10 – Black -“ 69

Pants: “Rock On“ AlCo *closed*
Hoodie: „Skullheart Hoodie Gun Steel“ Cattiva
Shoes: “Diagonal“ 2REAL

Mouthpiece: “Pixie Star [candy balls]“ ::LEO-NT::
Belt: “Biker Chain Belt (THIN) – Angel“ Acid & Mala

“FightMe 3″ Diesel Works

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