AZUL: new bridal gown „Arabesque Mariage“

Azul "Arabesque lilac" #1

Azul-designer Mami Jewell designed three new bridal-gowns.

They’re all sooo beautiful !

I wear the bridal gown „Arabesque Mariage“ in lilac,
the textures are so unbelievable and the skirt has such a great swing.

Azul "Arabesque lilac" #2

The veil is a highlight and makes me feel like a princess.

Azul "Arabesque lilac" #3

The skirt and the veil is skript-resized.

You’ll find those fantastic bridal-gowns at bridal floor.
It is now located on the opposite side of the Sim (ex casual clothes section).


Hair: „Lady Sophia black“ Sky Everett
Skin: „Selena pink pale“ Lara-Skin

Dress: „Arabesque Mariage lilac“ Azul
Shoes: „Bare Greta Gold Patent“ Stiletto Moody

Jewelry-set: „Kat – White – Fatpack“ CCD

Attention !!!

Azul is searching for „Miss Azul 2010“:

Miss Azul Contest 2010!


We are looking for the woman that will represent the elegant brand of Azul for an entire year. Miss Azul will have impeccable styling skills, be extremely photogenic and above all else represent the brand of Azul in a responsible and respectable manner. If you believe that you could be Miss Azul 2010 please read the following terms, conditions and instructions on how to apply.

– 50,000 Linden cash prize
– New Azul wardrobe consisting of all current designs and new releases through out the entire year
– Appear in all magazine advertisements through the entire year
– Custom crown created for Miss Azul by Virtual Impressions
– Official candidacy in Miss Virtual World 2011 Pageant

Note: If you are already a MVW official candidate, you can still apply to MISS AZUL 2010.

How to enter:

1. Join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group and the Azul group in world. You must be a member of both of these groups to participate and receive updates.

2. Create a notecard titled Miss Azul 2010 – (Your name here) Include the following in the notecard:

A) A short paragraph stating why you believe you would best represent the brand of Azul.
B) One 512×512 face shot of your avatar wearing an Azul design. Full Perms please.
C) One 512×512 full length shot of your avatar styled using Azul creations. Full Perms please.

3. Submit the properly titled notecard to Kay Fairey AND Mami Jewell no later than Midnight (slt) on July 9, 2010.

Important Dates:

Contest open for submissions: June 11, 2010
Contest closed for submissions: July 9, 2010
Ten pre-finalists announced – July 14, 2010
Pre-Finals and Interviews – July 17, 2010 (Final Five Finalists Announced)
Miss Azul 2010 Finals – July 24, 2010 (Miss Azul 2010 Crowned)

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