Lynx: **Adonia stilettos**

These heels are like a chameleon, every look, every colour
– all styles you like controlled with one HUD !
The HUD is very easy and self-explanatory.

Render/baked textures for the most pristine look.
Hundreds of color-texture combinations controlled by the HUD, 22 toenail options.

*only available on xstreet HERE*

I show only 6 colours of … I don’t know how much possible colours – try yourself ;o)

Skin: “Mima 05 Peach Glow Skin” LAQ
Hair: “Heidi night“ Truth

Top: “Dandy Top sail“ Miel
Skirt: „Dandy Skirt honey“ Miel
Shoes: “Adonia Stilettos“ LNYX

Earrings: „Pearl Rain Jewelry Set Silver earrings“ Mandala
Bangles: „Pearl Rain Bangle silver“ Mandala
Necklace: “Kategora necklace white“ Mandala
Hairband: „Miel Adi headband“ Miel

“Scarlett4″ Diesel Works

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