*Ticky Tacky*: new release !

*Ticky Tacky* has a Brand New Jewelry Set out this week!
***Pandora’s Jewelry***
You can buy the individual pieces for just $75L, or the full set for only $210L.
You get a long beaded gold Necklace, matching wrapped Bracelets & 2 pairs of Earrings.

<<<Taxi to *Ticky Tacky* mainstore>>>

Skin: “Mima 06 Peach Glow Skin” LAQ
Hair: “Seraphina night“ Truth ***new***

Dress: “Retro Mini Indian Independence“ Hyper Culture

Jewelry: “Pandora’s Jewelry Set Nautical Nun“ *Ticky Tacky* ****NEW****

“Jewelrypose 14 Pr4″ [LAP]

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