IrEn-Village-Hunt !

Info’s from Notecard:

i am proud to present you the first IrEn Village Hunt !

It will run from 5. until 19. August !

Starting Location

Come and explore the IrEn Village.. all designer are parcipating updated their shops and made cool Items just for you.
You are searching for a Strawberry that is hidden somewhere in the shops.. go there, get it and buy it for 0L !

Have fun !!!

Parcipating stores are :

~ IrEn (
[hint: take a seat.. and… out where you are sitting! ]
~ TiK ToK [Its getting hot .. so hurry up]
~ FuK’N’HawT [look for me behind the gift of travel]
~ Sn@tch
~ ::::IrUrU:::: has even 2 Gifts !
~ E.S.
~-= f u n k s t a r =-

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