Swedish Style: Sexy in Black !

Swedish Style "Blacknet"

Heya girls,

Charlotte Calael designed a new cute outfit,
I LOOOOVE black clothes SL and RL
and so this is a must have from Swedish Style for me !

Get yours from Swedish Style HERE

Top: „Black top“ Swedish Style
Pants: „Black net“ Swedish Style

Skin: „Lapine Tan 1 – Faberge“ L. Fauna *Groupgift*
Hair: „127 Type A black“ W&Y HAIR
Shoes: „Dare Bootie Black“ Gos
Tattoo: „Dragonfly Forest“ n_Gok
Bangles+Nails: „Takara bangle/nails brown“ Mandala
Necklace: „Strap Choker Evangeline“ Cipher
Face-Piercings+Earrings: „Unisex Diamond Face Piercing“ Platinum Tattoos
Belly-Piercing: Addicted Belly 603 “ G.G Addicted

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