*[ROC]* new dress „Chrisette“

*[ROC]* released some new stuff and I want to show you my favourite.

It’s the dress „Chrisette“ in Blueberry
(also available in black and coco).

This dress has very beautiful swinging skirts
and a cute frill at the cleavage and backside.

So check out the other creations from *[ROC]*

Hair: “Rebecca Charcoal“ *JE* Republic
Skin: “Maiisha Make Up 1″ Inaya

Dress: “”Chrisette dress blueberry“ *[ROC]*
Shoes: “Bare Brigitte Black“ Stiletto Moody

Jewelry: “Oceanic Jewels“ Mariposa

“Model 244″ Everglow & „Jewelrypose12“ LAP

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