Ducknipple: New Boots „Snol“

snol boots outfit-blog

today I want to show you the new boots from Ducknipple called „Snol“.

They’re available in four colours and they’re non-scripted, but mod.

snol boots-blog

I like the stuff from Ducknipple, the urban & grunge clothes …
as opposed to the glamour-fashion ;o)

So go on and take your own „Snol“boots from Ducknipple and create your own urban-style !

Boots: „Snol“ Ducknipple

Skin: „Selena smokey3 redlips pale“ Lara-Skin
Hair: „New 132 „Type A“ W&Y HAIR
Shirt: „Sweater Black & White shirt“ *Connors*
Skirt: „Matching Multi-Stripe Gloves & Skirt“ League
Stockings: „Ella Stockings-Naturals-Black Garter in lightbrown“ League
Necklace: „Mercenary – Cameron’s Cross“ HoD

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