Sim-I-Lar: Cobra Boots

Sim-I-Lar Cobra Boots 2


today I would like to present you a pair of absolutly awesome Boots with a heel, you could go bang some balloons without any problems *g*

The „Cobra Boots“ from Sim-I-Lar comes in 8 different colors with an easy resize-menu.

Sim-I-Lar Cobra Boots 3

Also you can change the metal-elements from
silver to gold and the other way round.

Sim-I-Lar Cobra Boots 1

They match perfectly to mini-dresses and jeans and any other outfit you like.

Go and get your own „Cobra’s“ here !

Shoes: „Cobra Boots“ Sim-I-Lar

Skin: „Lapine Tan 1 Mullberry“ L. Fauna
Hair: „Amy Black“ Jolie Femme
Dress: „Tuli Flame“ Elate!
Earrings: „Sah“ Rozoregalia

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