Basic RGB

I love these outfit !
You can combine everything of Muism with the other … Mix and Match – have fun ;oP

Skin: „Selena brown pale“ Lara-Skin
Hair: „Sasha Biste“ Maitreya
Pants: „Leather Pants White Slim“ Muism
Blouse: „Satin Ruffle Top Orange pattern“ Muism
Jacket: „Skinny Biker Jacket Brown“ Muism
Shoes: „Elevator Boot Brown“ magnifico exclusive
Scarf: „Crinkle Scarf Brown small“ Muism
Belt: „Saicho Belt Brown Circle“ Mandala
Earrings: „Bali Hoop Earrings Tigers Eye/Brass“ EarthStones
Rings: „Platnium & Diamond Wedding Ring“ JCNY
„silver platinum ring R02“ RICX’s Fine Jewelry

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