Azul: new gown „Maggie_rev“

You’re also an addict from AZUL ? Yes !?

Then … you’re right – AZUL has released the gown
„Maggie <rev>“ in 8 beautiful colours.

The skirt has perfect drawing adornments and
a stunning skirt with excellent lace-parts.

Taxi to AZUL here !

Hair: „Yeon Hee Ebony“ Tukinowaguma
Skin: „Kalista N natural“ Rockberry

Dress: „Maggie <rev> in jade“ Azul
Shoes: „Bare Audrey Black Patent“ Stiletto Moody

Earrings & Necklace: „AnnaCollete PRIVATA Hyper-Gems“ JCNY
Ring: „Female Ring #5“ CCD

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