Make New Year’s Goals ! (Happy 2015 <3)

Do you know that?

For the new year, make good resolutions and notes – it’s not working.

I plan to blog more, but I made the planning without my real life.

I wanted to try a new fitness class, unfortunately there is this course only overpriced at the other end of town.

I wanted to do much more in the household, the couch is clearly in my way.

So, everything as usual – oh yes, quit smoking, it worked – and I have not planned, just came that way.

Do you have some good resolutions for 2015? Do they work?

I wish you a successful 2015, have fun, craps on the good resolutions, life is too short to deal with conventions and wanting to please others :P

Sawa <3




***click pic for bigger size***

things I used:

house by dust bunny
table by PILOT
candle tray by Cheeky Pea
champagne glasses by [ kunst ] <3
champagne bucket by [ kunst ] <3
ashtray by [ kunst ] <3
bell by Cheeky Pea
sofa by [ARIA]
door by Seven Emporium
blank canvas by [ARIA]
twinkle tree by tarte
wall stars by Trompe Loeil
sledge by 8f8
holiday pals by S&S

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