Paris is always a good idea



***click pic for bigger size***

things on me:

body by Belleza
skin and applier by PXLnew appliers for Belleza Body are out !!! <3
tattoo by Letis Tattoo
hair by tram

things I used:

house by Scarlet Creative
bathtube by Con & floorplan
Hydrangea Bunch by Apple Fall
Pile of Euros Stack by SORGO
Plastic Warped Stack by SORGO
Leather Gloves by SORGO
Silent 11.43 by SORGO
winebottles by Dutchie
Passports by SORGO
Etienne Side Table by DIGS
Cheese & Cracker Party Board by [CIRCA]
Time Machine by Seven Emporium
condom blue by Dutchie
sculpted curtains by Dutchie
Casino Marquee by Seven Emporium
porcelain deer by dust bunny
deer marquee by floorplan
I Love You/I Know Signs by Alouette
robe black by Dutchie
Slipper Chair by Con & floorplan
portable vanity by tarte
scale by Dutchie
toiletpaper roles by Dutchie
dropped dress by Dutchie
Marble Basin Sink Con & floorplan
Antique Mirror Con & floorplan
Tissue Boxes – Cupcake by Plethora
Soak sign by Pixel Mode
Towel on hook by Con & floorplan
Iris by Pixel Mode
Wall Light by Con & floorplan
Khotan Rug by Con & floorplan

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