sometimes we just have to let things go …

So, this is the last weekend before the advent season begins. We have a full schedule in RL, visit christmas markets (yeah, we have a lot in Hamburg if you around here, you just have to check them out !), christmas party from our companies, christmas dinner with our best friends, visit our godchildren and bake cookies and Stollen (it’s German for fruit loaf I guess) oh and most importantly for a lovely home – decoration, I got a bunch of boxes for christmas decoration – we changed our living room from earth to lilac and … what a pity, the red decoration doesn’t fit anymore – Hubby rolled his eyes and I have ransacked the shops :D

Are you in preparation for the christmas season already in SL or RL ? Do you have a full schedule too ?





***click pic for bigger size***

things on me:

head by SLink
skin and applier by Curio
dress by COCO
shoes by [whatever]
hair by elikatira
pose by Everglow@The Liaison Collaborative

things I used:

house by Scarlet Creative @C88
drapey by {what next}
stars by Zigana
Garvagh II Stool by {theosophy}
Bear Cappucino (Petal) by {theosophy}
Love Letter Press by Scarlet Creative
winebottles by Dutchie
Love Nest Clock by Bazar
Vino lover cork board by Lark
double book lamp by .junk
Scriptor Word Art Smile by DIGS
Scriptor Word Art LOVE by DIGS
with love letters by Zigana
Angel Chimes by LAQ
Cross light by Soothe
pulley light by .junk
banjo by Zigana
vintage radio by ArisAris
Tufted Coffee Table by DIGS
Pine Tree Wall Decal by {what next}
ladder light by oyasumi
dreamers vehicle/frankie by vespertine

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