everyone should take time to sit …

… and watch the leaves turn <3

This pic was taken at the lovely Neva Sky Villi Sim where I moved into a few days ago <3




***click pic for bigger size***

things I used:

house by Scarlet Creative @C88
Pillow Tree by Kalopsia
Pillows (red and beige) by Kalopsia
Pine Tree Wall Decal by {what next}
ladder light by oyasumi
nieve drapes by {what next}
Pinecone Hanging Garland by Cheeky Pea
coffee tray by Dutchie
Tied Books by Apple Fall
leaning book stack by floorplan
Firewood Storage Bench by Sway’s
Stuff Me Stocking Advent by Apple Fall
Tiny House Lanterns by {what next}
dress form (right) by tres blah
dress form (left) by Pixel Mode
Nellie Office Ladder by Second Spaces
craft room – crafts on the go blue by Second Spaces
washi tape by Second Spaces
Cat Feline by StoraxTree
rug (small) by ARIA
rug (big) by Atelier Visconti
mole in flowerpot by d-lab
Wallhanging + Lights by toro

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