every day starts and ends in sunlight …



***click pic for bigger size***

things I used:

skybox by Scarlet Creative @The Arcade
hanging shelf by Cheeky Pea
couch + chair by Cheeky Pea
curtain by ARIA
workspace outfit by tres blah
suitcases by tarte.
backgammon set by Second Spaces
marbles checkers by Second Spaces
puzzle by Second Spaces
table by Cheeky Pea
Burgermeal by ISPACHI
Pancake Breakfast by ISPACHI
Barrel Chalkboard by Cheeky Pea
record player by vespertine
canvas text by Cheeky Pea
vintage lunch boxes by Second Spaces @The Arcade
crate of old music Second Spaces @The Arcade
Raquel vase with Lilacs by ARIA
armless chair by ARIA @TheArcade
side table by ARIA @TheArcade
vintage rug by ARIA @TheArcade
woodstock by Apple Fall
ruffled rug by Apple Fall
puppy by ISPACHI @The Arcade
cat by StoraxTree
popcorn machine by floorplan @The Arcade
cat by fashionably dead @The Arcade
recycled theatre seats by junk.
rug by Scarlet creative

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