Bring Back Our Girls (#418)

I think I mustn’t write that much or explain, at least I hope so.

I don’t care which religion you have, which „god“ you worship, just live door to door … is it that hard ?

Bring Back Our Girls Petition


Body: “SLink Physique Mesh Body” SLink*
Head: “Emma” SLink*
Skin (applier): “pale” by ItGirls
Hair: “Cheetah“ Tableau Vivant@C88
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink*

Romper: “Ebele“ Mutresse@C88
Shoes: „Guilia V1“ Pure Poison@C88 (SLink’s flat feet required)

Necklace: „Kyara Sunrise“ Mandala@C88
Sign: „Bring back our girls“ AimLesz **free – get it !**

„Roar“ by RIDIC

**click pic for bigger size**

**pic taken @ African Safari**

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