World Goth Fair … I’m late but I’m catching up :D

So … World Goth Fair has started and I’m back from vacations, so the my next posts you’ll see will have a lot of darkness in it :o)

World Goth Fair runs from the 15th till 31st may and benefits the „Sophie Lancaster Foundation“.

Usually I visit the sims and post some impressions of them, ‚cause of vacations a the reason, that the fair is running since 2 days, I would like to refer you to articles from other bloggers.

Great article by Daniel Voyager

Elysium Hynes @ Pinterest, for a great overview :)

I’m wearing the „Mourning“ gown from the muses with the „Macabre“ jewelry set from lassitude & ennui.

The landmarks:

Cursed (adult)

Port Seraphine (moderate)

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