The end of Google Reader

As you know, the Google Reader is set to the middle of the year, without any alternative by Google itself. Gogo wrote an articel a few weeks ago, and linked to „“, you can read the articel here at her blog.

I was busy the last few weeks with testing various alternatives and doing my thumbs up for

Feedly is very clear, helpful, well-structured and easily to use. There are various display options, full text with image, title only, magazine look, Card View.

Feedly displays only unread articles, if desired, this is something I missed in the last month with the Google Reader, it showed ALL articles, even if you marked only one with „unread“ to make it easy to find later. I do not know if this is just a problem to me, but it was incredibly annoying.

Anyway, Feedly is a really great alternative for those who have used the Google Reader and have many blogs that they want to track.
… and has an import-function from Google Reader to the reader :o)

I took some screenshots from my to show you how it could look like !

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