Style-Mix by Sawa #33

After searching for a new AO … after 5 shops I’m @ Vista Animations again … I’m totally overstrung about these AO’s … so I decide to buy Vista’s new AO called „Sensual Woman“ it’s something for me, what an arrogant walk *lol*

After this … I have to rest … my poor feets o.O

Skin: „Selena grey/pale“ Lara-Skin
Hair: „Bright Lust Hair Blackout“ Nikita Fride Design
Shirt: „Herangsa Charcoal“ *Sweetest Good-bye*
Pasties: „Pasties Tongue“ Khush
Pants: „Low Rise Jeans Black Stripes“ Luck Inc.
Shoes: „8 Hole Black“ Gos
Tattoo: „95. Phoenix 2“ Kanival Tattoo
Bag: „Shoulder Bag Flower WL2“ … the desigern Agathe Latte isn’t still in SL .. shop is closed :o(
Gloves: „Knitted Half Star“ Calypso Giano
Earrings: „Diamond Ring Earrings“ Brillante
Glasses: „Bling Bling Shades“ Glow-Studio
Matchstick: „Matchstick“ Calypso Giano

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