Vintage Fair 2012 !

Sway has created a great furniture set for the Vintage Fair. I love the bright colors and how to mix the pieces as desired. I redecorated my skybox, so this colorful set fits perfectly and I’m sure it will take a few, till I redecorate it again … I’ll do this often in RL … too often for my hubby :D

The Sways “Sixty” Set comes as separates, or in actual sets in various colours. All items are copy and partial mesh!  There is an “Her” chair (I’m using in this pic, one chair with pillow and one without, pillow with texture option and self rezzing props – incl. knitting and reading – „Him“ chair also incl. in the set), 4 vintage prints, table, magazine, candy bowl, book with glasses, a floor and a ceiling lamp and a rug in the set !

Oh and yes .. my dress is also from the Vintage Fair, it’s „Drew White“ from coldLogic and my hair is from Wasabi Pills „Brigitte“ in Wild Honey (after Hair Fair 2012 available in mainstore now).

Sway’s @ Vintage Fair 2012

coldLogic @ Vintage Fair 2012

***more about the Vintage Fair 2012 here***

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