“Peace On Earth Hunt” feat. “Hanaya“

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“Hanaya” offers these adorable winter-szene „In The Land Of The Winter Moon“ for the “Peace On Earth Hunt” 4 !

The scene includes a cute snowangel-pose outside, and a lot of PG-couple-animations inside the igloo, inside you will also find a wine bucket, to be given a folder with wearable wine glasses.

Detailen informations:

-Hanaya- Brrr it’s Cold Igloo, 11 prims
-Hanaya- Vintage Quilt with Animations, 2 prims
-Hanaya-Ice Bucket with Goats do Roam White Wine, 4 prims
-Hanaya- An Extra Pile of Pillows, 4 prims
-Hanaya- Frozen Tundra Grass with Snow Angel Animation, 2 prims
-Hanaya- Happy Tree, 12 prims

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