Vintage Fair 2011 – teaser #5

Really, I wanted to be a stewardess when I was a teenager *sighs* … travelling around the world, see all those beautiful places during work … now I have to work AND take days off AND spend a lot of money … gosh … Second Life gives me a 2nd chance :D

I’m wearing the “flightgirl blue” from “22769”, the hair “Mimi – A Little of Everything” in brown from “ploom“, the skin “Dharma” from {.essences.} and my ring is the single “Victoria Rings” in silver from “Anthem.”, all of these items are only available at the Vintage Fair !

Additional accessoires: pose from Reasonable Poses, earrings and brooch from MOOD.

For direct teleporting to the stores,
pls visit <<<this site here>>>

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